Dustin Carlson

guitarist. composer. improvisor

Dustin Carlson, guitarist, composer, improvisor, artist, Brooklyn, Krakow, Berlin. 

Dustin Carlson's music bespeaks a fascination with the many varieties of time, its colors, flavors, densities, textures; its slow growths and quick transformations. And also with the layering of time, the machinery of orbits, concentric loops, the human body that is a cosmos of looping circulatory systems escaping gravitational force to lumber into movement and execute some flashy moves at a party, at a ceremony, with stars in its veins, a sun in its stomach and arms that span galaxies … what only music, when it is truly music, can reveal and teach. Funk is the preacher...

-Michael Attias, Air Ceremony

Dustin Carlson has performed as a leader, collaborator, and/or sideman throughout North America Mexico and Europe. His band, Air Ceremony released their debut record on Out of Your Head Records in November 2018. His collaboration with Isabel Umali, a recording and dance piece entitled Shakes/the Noise of Wings was performed at the CDMX international dance festival in Mexico City in August 2018 and Abrons Art Center in NYC in 2017.  His long standing collaboration with Berlin based trumpet player Brad Henkel has a new release entitled Forgotten Cities in June 2018 F$F. He co founded Prom Night Records in 2012 and is featured on many of the labels releases.